Project Management

We can offer a number of post-design services, aimed at providing the experience and expertise to ensure the completion of a successful project. These include: 

Tendering and Contract Appointment

The compilation of tender documents, overseeing the tender process among a number of local contractors, the preparation of a tender report, and the appointment of the contractor. 

On-site Supervision

Regular on-site meetings with the client and contractor, to ensure accurate interpretation of the design and to uphold a high quality of finish. This is crucial at the planting stage, and also on schemes with extensive ground modelling. 

Project Dressing 

It is essential that proper consideration is given to the selection of outdoor furniture, planters, and other finishing touches. This will have been covered at Sketch Design stage, particularly if these elements are key to the style of the project. However, it is often wise to carry out a review as the project build nears completion. 

Maintenance Plans 

Naturally our clients aim to keep their site looking as good as the day it is finished. We can assist with the preparation of an annual maintenance plan, detailing work to be carried out month by month, and also future management of the site. This is always a useful document, but is invaluable if the maintenance is to be outsourced.


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