Sketch Design

Prior to the start of the design process, a site survey and analysis will be carried out. 

We offer clients two options at Sketch Design stage – the preparation of one sketch design plan, or the preparation of three varied designs. The latter is our preferred option, simply as it gives us the opportunity to explore a range of styles, layouts and materials. Even working to the tightest of briefs, it is rare that there will be only one solution, and we believe that by giving the client a choice it enables them to put their own stamp on the design. 

There are, however, occasions when we feel that one design will suffice. This is normally the case when dealing with a very tricky site, or when there are time or budgetary restrictions.

Sketch designs are presented as scaled, full colour plans, accompanied by images of key design elements. They are presented in person by the designer, to provide the client with a full understanding of the design, and to enable and encourage feedback. The plans will indicate areas to be created, materials to be used, and will give an overview of planting and lighting concepts. 

Each of the three designs will be a fully operational scheme in its own right. The final design may be one of these designs, or it may be a fusion of elements from all three. The client can relay their preferences to the designer either at the design presentation, or, if time is required for further consideration, at a subsequent meeting.

While it may be possible to conduct a project from one of our sketch plans, we recommend the production of a project masterplan.


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